Wednesday, 2 February 2011

IFSS World Championship

The World Championship is upon us! The dogs are in high spirits and looking really good, they had their last pre-race run today, just a short 10km leg stretch.

Choosing 8 dogs from the 15 racers has been really hard. Last week I narrowed the WCh team down to 12 dogs: Sven, Ward, Rocket, Dash, Phoenix, Wiyot, Lira, Susi, Loki, Orbit, Inca and Minto. 

At the moment the final 8 are: Lira, Susi, Orbit, Inca, Loki, Phoenix, Ward & Dash.
In reserve are: Minto, Sven, Rocket and Wiyot.

The truck is all packed up, hopefully I've remembered everything. The team will get on the road in the early hours of Thursday. Mushers meeting is at 1600. My start time will be around 1300 (GMT+1)!

I still haven't got over the horrid Influenza virus I picked up while in France, with a temperature of 104oC the Doctor has advised me not to race, but hey this is the World Championships! So long as I can control the sled and care for the dogs, I'll race.

Final 8: Orbit, Loki, Lira, Susi, Inca, Ward, Phoenix, Dash
Final Start time: 1306 (GMT+1) 4th February 2011