Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Polarhundlopet 100km Finished in 5h44m52s

The team finished the 100km 8 dog Polarhundlopet with a time of 5h44m52s. The competition was incredibly tough with many mid-distance champions. So Mel is really proud of the dogs 17.2km/h average speed, especially as the dogs training has only been at 50% for the last 2 months, while Mel recovered from her disc prolapse. Mel is also happy that her back had recovered enough to get to the finish line, even if she couldn't run and help the dogs uphill much. "Every dog worked hard for the entire 100km and crossed the finish line strong, happy and tails wagging, they hauled my weight and the 50kg of sled & mandatory kit up the mountains with hardly any help, they crossed all the patches of glare ice on the river with confidence, they all ate and drank and asked for seconds at the finish line and amusingly I'd hadn't lost one bootie! Cold, sunshine, blue skies, great fun trail, stunning scenery, we had a really great fun race!" Mel is especially pleased with the dogs that were running their first race: Spock a Siberian yearling, Tavra an Alaskan yearling and lead dog Lakrits.