Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The team finish Gausdal Marathon 200km Race

The team finished Gausdal Marathon 200km (125 miles) on Sunday morning. Mel is very proud of all the dogs!! From the 8 dog team, Derby an older experienced leader had to be dropped after 100km, leaving 6 yearling/2 year olds most running their first race, who all worked incredibly hard in a very tough race and have earned some great race and resting at check point experience. Toivo led the whole race backed up by Derby for 30km, then Punk for 120km, then Harry for the final 50km. Leaving the check point with 7 dogs after 100km and 5 hours rest, brought tears of pride as the young dogs jumped to their feet when asked and started to bark and pull, Mel had to jump on the brake to hold them off, dragging straw to the start line. Tavra pulled his hamstring 30km into the 2nd lap, after jumping into a brake trench a little to enthusiastically, so Mel put him in the sled (typically her biggest dog at 30kg). The sled and contents now weighing 90kgs slowed the team down a lot, but Mel and the 6 dogs worked hard as a team to get to the finish line and thoroughly enjoyed a spectacular sunrise. A huge thank you to Dennis for handling! Congratulations on finishing to Toivo, Punk, Harry, Spock, Mac, Army and well done also to Tavra and Derby for their efforts.

Mel Andrews and Team
Photo by: Ann-Kristin Odegaard