Friday, 5 April 2013

Switching to Alaskan Huskies; No more Siberians & Club resignation.


Following the successful race season with our now mostly Alaskan Husky team, plenty of thoughts and talks about the teams future and staying 'in Siberians' have been bouncing around. As many of you know Orso our beloved 14 year old Siberian Husky and the kennel Alpha recently died. His loss has helped us make the final decision to advance to Alaskan Huskies completely. Since we bought our first Alaskan Huskies 2 years ago, we have not kept or purchased any further Siberian Huskies.

Although we love the Siberian Husky breed very much, we have decided for competitive reasons to switch over to the racing thoroughbreds; Alaskan Huskies. In order that our young Siberians still get to race, we will be selling them over the next year or two to racing Siberian Kennels. Of course our oldies will remain with us to live out their days, no doubt help train the Alaskan puppies and give tourists plenty of thrills!

Resigning from the clubs: There is no point in remaining members of the Breed specific Clubs: We did not renewed our membership to NSHK or NKK at the end of 2012 and will be resigning from SHCGB at the end of 2013. We have had a lot of fun racing at club events over the years and wish the clubs and their members loads of fun and success in the future.

The switch to Alaskan Huskies, means we needed to invest in purchasing excellent quality Alaskan Huskies to complement the fantastic Alaskan Huskies we have already got. And also in a future breeding program for our race team's advancement. Therefor this spring we will be investing in 5-6 superstar Alaskan Huskies from other mushers A-teams!

We are very proud that Myra gave birth to 3 huge healthy Alaskan Husky pups in April (form Toivo) and we look forward to these Alaskan Husky pups joining the race team in 2014/15.

Home bred Siberian Husky; Greentrail Spock, is a legend and superstar. Becoming the first UK dog to finish Finnmarkslopet in 2013 and Femundlopet in 2013. He will be the only Siberian Husky to remain on Mel's A-team for the foreseeable future.