Monday, 11 August 2014

Summer jobs at MAD Kennel

Summertime means good RnR for the dogs; free running, swimming, playing football & sunbathing.
But for every professional sled dog kennel, this is the time of year that the humans prepared the kennel for the winter. Back to the UK appealing to possible sponsors, purchasing and driving a 'new' truck back to Norway and full time jobs with plenty of overtime to bring money in, kennel maintenance, fence building, dog houses disinfected & revamped, kit & sled repairs, dog care: medicals, massage, physio, teething brushing, personal fitness training and of course loads of time socialising & exercising puppies…and much much more!

After surgery on both legs, Mel needed to rest for at least a few of the 8-10 weeks she was ordered by the Doctor too. Rest not really being compatible with her hyperactive nature, so jobs were split up to keep her off her feet as much as possible!

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